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This page is a shortcut to all our information on uterine cancer. Here survivors share their experience living with uterine cancers and sarcomas. Don't forget to check other areas of the site, too -- we can learn a lot from survivors of other gyn cancers!

When the term "uterine cancer" is used, it is usually understood to mean "endometrial cancer," as 95% of cancers of the uterus originate in the endometrial lining. The remaining 5% cancers of the uterus are usually "sarcomas" originating either in the myometrium muscle of the uterine wall (leiomyosarcoma) or the stroma tissue just below the endometrial lining (endometrial stromal sarcoma). We have tried to include stories of both endometrial cancer and some of the rarer sarcomas, as well.

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Uterine (endometrial) papillary serous carcinoma (UPSC)

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